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  英国首相特里萨•梅(Theresa May)宣布将在6月7日辞去保守党领袖职务的计划。这是不是也意味着“脱欧计划”也将腹死胎中呢?

  Theresa May will today set out plans to quit Number 10, after a dramatic day at Westminster when senior cabinet ministers led by foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt finally killed the UK prime minister’s hopes of securing a Brexit deal.

  特里萨•梅(Theresa May)将在今天(5月24日)宣布从唐宁街10号辞职的计划,在议会经历了戏剧性的一天后,以外交大臣杰里米•亨特(Jeremy Hunt)为首的内阁高级部长们最终扼杀了英国首相推动通过她达成的退欧协议的希望。

  Mrs May, her premiership crippled by a cabinet revolt, a parliamentary mutiny and a furious voter backlash over Brexit, will set out her plans for her departure at a meeting with senior Conservative Sir Graham Brady, shop steward of the party’s MPs.

  梅的首相职位因内阁倒戈、议会哗变以及选民在英国退欧问题上的强烈反弹而陷入瘫痪,她将在与资深保守党人、该党议员代表格雷厄姆•布雷迪爵士(Sir Graham Brady)开会时说明她的离任计划。

  ① mutiny [ˈmjuː.tɪ.ni] n. 反叛,哗变,暴动

  例句:Conditions on the ship were often very bad, and crews were on the point of mutiny. 船上的情况常常十分糟糕,船员们随时可能发生哗变。

  Conservative MPs believe Mrs May could announce plans to quit as Tory leader on June 10, enabling her to receive Donald Trump on a state visit on June 3-5.

  保守党议员们认为,梅可能会宣布在6月10日辞去保守党领袖职务的计划,这使她能够接待在6月3日至5日对英国进行国事访问的唐纳德•特朗普(Donald Trump)。

  Mrs May last night discussed the chore**raphy of her departure with her husband Philip at their Berkshire home; those inside the Number 10 spoke of a premier in a “fragile state” as her time in office draws to a close.


  ② chore**raphy [ˌkɒr.iˈɒɡ.rə.fi] n. 编舞艺术;舞蹈设计

  例句:a flamboyant style of chore**raphy 华彩绚丽的舞蹈设计风格

  Although Mrs May is expected by cabinet ministers to continue as caretaker prime minister until a new Tory leader is appointed — possibly in July — Downing Street declined to confirm she would stay on in an interim capacity.


  ③ interim [ˈɪn.tər.ɪm] adj. 暂时的,过渡时期的

  例句:An interim government was set up for the period before the country's first free election. 该国在首次自由选举之前的过渡时期成立了临时政府。

  Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, a member of the backbench Tory 1922 executive, said: “I want her to give a timetable for when she will go. Maybe she will still quit tomorrow.”

  由保守党后座议员组成的1922委员会(1922 Committee)的成员乔弗利•克利夫顿-布朗爵士(Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown)昨天说:“我想让她给出离任的时间表。也许她明天仍会辞职。”

  The embattled prime minister was told by Mr Hunt yesterday to drop her new withdrawal agreement bill, amid growing anger on the Conservative benches over its inclusion of the prospect of a secondreferendum.


  ④ referendum [ˌref.əˈren.dəm] n. (就重大政治或社会问题进行的)全民公决,全民公投

  例句:Is it more democratic to hold a referendum, rather than let the government alone decide? 进行一次全民公决,而不是由政府自己作出决定,是不是要更民主些?

  At the end a brutal week in Westminster, Jeremy Hunt told Mrs May in a meeting that it was “not fair” to ask MPs to walk through the voting lobbies in the full knowledge the bill would be defeated. Home secretary Sajid Javid demanded Mrs May remove the offer of granting the House of Commons a vote on whether to hold another referendum, during another “frank” meeting.

  在威斯敏斯特残酷的一周即将结束时,杰里米•亨特在会议上对梅说,要求议员们在明知道法案将被否决的情况下进行投票是“不公平的”。在另一个“坦诚”的会议上,内政大臣萨吉德•贾伟德(Sajid Javid)要求梅取消让下议院就是否举行第二次公投进行表决的提议。

  Earlier in the day, Downing Street insisted the legislation would be published today and put to a vote in the first week of June; by midday that plan had been abandoned and the bill was put into the deep freeze.


  Neither minister explicitly called for her to go — but without the backing of her cabinet Mrs May is likely to conclude she cannot bring forward the legislation. Andrea Leadsom, Leader of the Commons, had already quit the cabinet.

  两位部长都没有明确要求梅下台——但没有其内阁的支持,梅很可能得出结论认为她无法提出这项立法。下议院领袖安德里亚•利德索姆(Andrea Leadsom)已从内阁辞职。

  Downing Street admitted Mrs May was “listening to colleagues” concerns, but some senior Tories admitted it would be pointless trying to rewrite the unloved deal now. “It’s dead,” said one.


  Mrs May will return to London this morning to meet with Sir Graham.


  The meeting will come in the aftermath of voting in European Parliament elections, with opinion polls suggesting the Conservatives could poll below 10 per cent — the party’s worst ever performance in a national election.

  此次会议将在欧洲议会(European Parliament)选举投票后举行,民调显示,保守党的得票率可能低于10%——这将是该党有史以来最糟糕的全国选举表现。




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